Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Help us decide...

Okay, so this is a non-food related post. My husband and I are trying to decide on colors for the last two areas to be painted in our new house. We are planning on doing a painting extravaganza over Labor Day Weekend but are having a hard time agreeing on color choices.

Because he and I are stubborn and will just sit here and continue liking the color we like, I am enlisting your help. Here are two shots of the room (you'll have to excuse the iPhone photography and light sources.)

This is the front room/living room/ Music Room (so titled because that is where Dave teaches lessons). I do have to admit that he will have to look at this room more than me because he teaches in there and I just have to walk past it when coming downstairs. The room tends to be a bit dark because while it has nice sized windows, right outside is a porch with an overhang that blocks some of the outside light. 

The accent wall color would be going on the wall behind the couch. I made sure to get the colors of the dining room in the photo because I want to make sure that the color schemes help the rooms flow well together.

Here are the color schemes we are looking to use. I won't tell you which I prefer (unless you saw what I posted on Facebook yesterday) in the interest of avoiding "the wife is always right" contributions. Just honest opinions on what you think works better. Like I said, we are both stubborn and will just continue thinking our color scheme is the better of the two until someone comes up with a reason why one works better than the other. If you think they would both be fine, that's cool too, we just need some input.

Color Scheme 1:

Accent Wall Color: Behr Sequoia Dusk

Main wall color: Behr Peanut Butter

Color Scheme #2:

Accent Wall: Behr Plum Shadow
Main Wall Color: Behr Pebbled Courtyard

I like both schemes, I just think for this room one is probably a better fit. So, let me know either in the comments here or on Facebook, if you know me there. Thanks for the help! 


  1. I like the Color Scheme #2 best. Not only am I predisposed to loving almost all shades of purple, I also think that Color Scheme #1 would make the room seem a little too dark/heavy.

    Just my two cents :-D

  2. I like the purple the best, but I really think scheme #1 goes best with the blue in the dinning room. If it were me, I'd go a shade lighter with the Peanutbutter.

  3. Also your house is gorgeous!

  4. Nate and I both say neither. He votes green and I'm not sure, but do love the purple and think it would be perfect for the living room.

  5. For myself I would go with Scheme #1. But what ever one you pick will look lovely.

  6. I say Option #2, I think the purple would be a fun accent against the blue of the dining room, and I think the option 1 colors are too dark.

  7. I like the peanut butter (although all the colours are verging on a little too dark given your shading dilemma. Don't forget there are a million shades of white!). But, and it's a big BUT, I was always taught that you shouldn't be able to see more than one feature colour at once, which makes putting anything at all behind the couch a crime. Is there another wall that you can paint? Just don't get rid of too much of the white because you want it there to reflect the light and keep it bright.

    That said, the last time I painted a room I chose totally the wrong colour. But I do know which colour I should have chosen now!